We have relationships with multi-unit, senior living and residential developers.  Providing solutions where price, design and availability is key to a project.  As the factory representative we know where and how to save time and money.  We negotiate with our manufacturer partners to achieve favorable pricing and coordinate inventory availability, often months or more than a year into the future so you have one less headache.  




The showroom channel is evolving.  Investing in these partners is a formula for success.

  • We work to provide discounts, freight days and programming to help your profitability
  • We build boutique galleries to enhance your space
  • We help get the new product on display and find ways to buy out non performing

For decades we have created unique visual environments with a long term ROI.




It happens... a commitment is made to have something done by the weekend and then someone drops the ball, and you are left with a dilemma.  When we commit to be part of the process these pieces end up on our doorstop.   The picture above is an example of a Friday afternoon resolving such a dilemma for a design firm.  


NYC is the design capitol of the world.  We have 4 dedicated salespeople to facilitate specification.  We have decorative lighting experience across application, price point and design.  The channel demands fast accurate answers.  With 4 customer service reps in office, an experienced sales team we are able to provide technical knowledge, speed and service to the design professional.




Leading research strongly indicates the value in upgrading aging interiors with newer modern lighting fixtures to drive revenue increases.  In room is a specialty of ours.   As luxury lighting representatives we have access to design insights to help keep you on trend and deliver the right price.