We have established relationships with regional builders and developers helping them navigate through choices where price and availability is key to a project. In many cases our distributors ask us to provide a value engineered solution to a project.  As the factory representative we know where to turn, saving time and money.  We negotiate with our manufacturer partners to achieve favorable pricing and coordinate inventory availability, often months or more than a year into the future so you have one less headache.  After our product gets on the spec we work with distribution to facilitate procurement in the most efficient way possible.  



We disagree with claims that the showroom channel is dying, we believe it will survive and some are thriving as they evolve to be more efficient businesses.  Wise showrooms should partner with key vendors that makes increased margins possible, are easy to do business with and support their business.  Equally, rep's that invest their time and money in partnership with showrooms add value worthy of further investments.  For 30 years we have created unique visual environments that enhance sales, while also providing inventory support programs as styles change.    



It happens... a commitment is made to have something done by the weekend and then someone drops the ball, and you are left with a dilemma.  When we commit to be part of the process these pieces end up on our doorstop.   The picture above shows our team on a Friday afternoon resolving such a dilemma for a design firm.  


NYC is the design capitol of the world.  With major design firms in every sector, commercial, hospitality, residential, health care and retail, to sub specialties, we work with one firm that specializes in just hallways.  Our experience in decorative lighting provides a level of confidence to the designer who needs to get it right the first time.  We offer a wide range of lighting fixtures and manufacturers that can also produce custom fixtures to make that space special. But more often than not it is the quality of our service and the knowledge of product that sets us apart.  Major firms and independent designers want and need fast accurate answers.  With 4 customer service reps in our office and a dedicated trade sales team we are able to provide unparalleled speed and service to the design professional!