Creating visual differtentiation attracts the eye and the shopper.  The galvanized steel created an industrial look.  The authenticity was unique and helped this brand grow its showroom sales.

Here we had a niche wall constructed. The switched and electrified cubicles allowed for better presentation of this manufacturers italian glass pendants. 

This exciting window display in NYC had modern fixtures juxtapose to an illuminated wall of white birch branches. The contrast helped this manufacturers sales grow 300%.

This retailer indicated that he wanted to show the additional colors to increase the opportunity of making a sale.  With limited space we built a wall with an illuminated shelf beneath the display so consumers could refer to more than a catalog image.

A factory partner gave us a budget which allowed us to hire a local firm to build two custom pieces of furniture that had every fixture wired and switched.  

Hired as their very first representative, Hubbardton Forge has over has 3 dozen branded spaces in the NY tristate region. This is a small section that has 4 other walls with a museum level of visual merchandising.  

When a manufacturer offers point of purchase displays we are first in line to use them.  We have seen these translate into significant and measurable sales growth for 30 years.  We have installed more than 500.

With a passion to create merchandised spaces, we set a goal to take this one to a new level.  Creating a space where the consumer could imagine how the product might feel in their home.  More important you need to make the brand stand out, while enhancing the retail environment. 

                                            Celebrating 30 years with the store that gave us our 1st order...