Creating visual differtentiation attracts the eye and the shopper.  This space used galvanized steel and created an industrial look.  The authenticity was unique

This exciting window display had modern fixtures juxtapose to an illuminated wall of white birch branches.

Hired as their very first representative, Hubbardton Forge has over has 3 dozen branded spaces in the NY tristate region. These offer a museum level of visual merchandising components.    

Great businesses from Apple to Proctor and Gamble understand the value of merchandisng.  Why? Because strategic retail environments make them money.  Our spaces will help you make more money, help you sell higher margin product and enhancing your retail environment. 

Our installations feel like a high end residence, straight solid walls, filled nail holes, fresh paint.  Our commercial contractor Russ has built many lighting showrooms.    

You get a team, and we all build & merchandise. In two days the product is assembled, installed, lamped and tagged. 

It is always in the details.  We create visually appealing spaces. 


Styles change and our commitment to annual maintenance and product resets are an important part of an going support to our partners. 

Creativity is key to

dynamic merchandising.    

A custom outdoor display that mirrored the Hampton markets exterior construction worked great for this Long Island showroom